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Find out what you need to do if you've lost or found something on campus.


If you have lost something at the University the steps to follow are:



Call CIS or Campus Assist

Call the closest lost property collection point, or Campus Assist on +61 2 9351 7838 between 8.30am and 5pm. We will check to see if we have found your item, and if so, give you instructions for collection.


Log the missing item in the online portal

If we don't have your item, log a lost property report online. If you are off campus or not connected to the University's network, you will require a virtual private network (VPN) connection to access the report. 


Collect it from a collection point

Once we've found your item, we will let you know which collection point to pick it up from.


If you have found an item, you can drop it off at one of our Campus Assist lost property collection points or at the CIS front desk lost property collection point. Alternatively you can call Campus Assist to come and pick it up.

If the item is high value, such as a laptop, phone, tablet, jewellery, electronics or anything worth over $100, drop the item off or request a pickup within one hour of finding it.



Campus Location Phone Number
Camperdown campus (A14) The Quadrangle +61 2 9351 2201
Camperdown campus (A35) Education Building +61 2 9351 6333
Camperdown campus (F10A) New Law Annexe +61 2 9351 0201
Darlington Campus (H69) Codrington Building +61 2 9036 9051
Camden Campus (C01E) General Teaching Building +61 2 9036 7763
Cumberland Campus (C43A) A Block, Level 1 +61 2 9351 9563


Campus Location Phone Number
Darlington Campus (G12) Services Building +61 2 9351 2000


  • +61 2 9351 7838 (Camperdown and Darlington Campus)
  • +61 2 9351 9563 Cumberland Campus (Lidcombe)
  • +61 2 9036 7763 (Camden Campus)
  • +61 2 9351 1111 (SCA)
  • +61 2 9351 1300 (Conservatorium of Music)
  • Level 1, 22 Codrington Street, Darlington 2008 Services Building G12
Last updated: 08 March 2019


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